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Welcome to GRT STAIR, your trusted staircase manufacturer nestled in China. We’re here to introduce you to the world of staircases that are more than just steps – they’re a blend of function and art.

With over 10 years of experience in crafting stairs, we’re proud members of the GRT Industry family, standing tall for quality and innovation.

Our goal is simple: we want to give you the best staircase for your project. We see staircases as more than connections between floors – they’re statements of style and practicality. No matter if it’s your home sweet home or a bustling business, we’re all about creating staircases that make spaces shine

We’re not just manufacturers; we’re collaborators. From builders and designers to developers and homeowners, our staircases have left their mark in various projects. We’re at home both in cozy residences and bustling commercial ventures.

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GRT has been in the business of staircase in China for 10 years, let a true industry veteran provide you with high quality staircases.

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Teamwork That Counts

Behind every stunning staircase is a team that makes it happen. Our company embodies this teamwork, with each department working together like clockwork. From our imaginative designers to our meticulous quality-checking crew and our efficient shipping team, everyone’s role is vital in delivering staircases that meet the highest standards.

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At GRT STAIR, we’re not just crafting staircases; we’re crafting experiences. Whether you’re looking to add a touch of elegance to your home or a distinctive feature to your business, our staircases are here to make a statement. Join us on this journey where innovation, skill, and design converge. With GRT, your staircase dreams take center stage.

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Your staircase, your vision. Let’s bring your ideas to life. Join us on a journey of innovation and craftsmanship to create a staircase that’s uniquely yours.

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